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EP-X8 Series Accessories
PC-Link cablePC-Link cablePC-Link cable for high-speed data communication between your handheld electronic dictionary and your computer. PC-link utility is compatible with all X5, X8 and 400 models which have a special outlet for this type of cable
Foreign Travel Kit convertersForeign Travel Kit convertersWith the multi-purpose Trisonic foreign travel converter kit you are able to travel the world without ever having to worry about voltages and outlets again. You can now charge your PDA, laptop and mobile phone in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the US worry free. Able to adapt to 110- and 220-240 volt standards, this foreign travel kit adapts swiftly to any international outlet.
AC-DC AdapterAC-DC AdapterAC-DC power supply adapter allows you to save batteries while working with Partner Series. Use it as a primary or supplementary power source.
110-220 Volt Power Converter110-220 Volt Power ConverterThe power converter will allow you to use 110 V AC-DC adapters in Europe and other countries with 220V electric power.

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Voice recognition Electronic Foreign Language Translator including English to French Translator, English German Translator, and
English to Spanish Translator.  Handheld Electronic Translator can speak both English and foreign language.

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