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iTravl NTL Accessories
iTravl Accessory PackiTravl Accessory PackThis set of accessories for your NTL device provides all the extras you need in one convenient and affordable package. Included are: Extra Battery for iTRAVL, Extra Slylus for iTRAVL, Over the Head headset w/mike for iTRAVL, LCD Protecting Film for iTRAVL (2 pcs), Car Charger for iTRAVL, Trisonic TS-534AA World Travel adapter kit, Silicone Pouch for iTRAVL, White ear/mic phones for iTRAVL.
C-Pen ScannerC-Pen ScannerThe C-Pen scanner is an amazingly convenient handheld data entry tool for use with the LUX2, 900, 850 and NTL series Translators. Letting you capture the text you need, just scan the pen over your favorite book, restaurant menu, newspaper, or anything else you can think of and the text will automatically be uploaded on to the device and translated to your language choice.
Belt mounted Loudspeaker for iTRAVLBelt mounted Loudspeaker for iTRAVLThis belt-mounted loudspeaker provides crystal-clear reproduction of iTRAVL output to keep your hands free while allowing your listeners to hear every word and phrase you want to communicate. Belt mounted loudspeaker cannot be used without Switch Box
USB Cradle for iTRAVLUSB Cradle for iTRAVLThe USB Cradle for iTRAVL lets you attach your device to your PC to recharge the battery pack. Comes complete with the cradle and the USB/Mini – USB/A connector.
Compact Multi-Card ReaderCompact Multi-Card ReaderThe Compact Card Reader S1 is a pocket-sized Hi-Speed USB 2.0 memory card reader that plugs directly into your desktop, or notebook computer. Its easy plug and play installation, fast data transfer rates and convenient size make it the perfect solution for transferring the photos, music and data that you store on your flash memory cards.
Extra Battery for NTL-2Extra Battery for NTL-2Keep your iTRAVL up und running at all times with an extra battery pack. While one is charging, the other is helping you navigate and learn.
Foreign Travel Kit convertersForeign Travel Kit convertersWith the multi-purpose Trisonic foreign travel converter kit you are able to travel the world without ever having to worry about voltages and outlets again. You can now charge your PDA, laptop and mobile phone in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the US worry free. Able to adapt to 110- and 220-240 volt standards, this foreign travel kit adapts swiftly to any international outlet.
Car ChargerCar ChargerJust place this handy charger into your car's accessory plug to recharge your 850/900/iTRAVL/LUX series or jetBook while driving between destinations to always be ready for the next restaurant or shopping stop.
Switch Box for iTRAVLSwitch Box for iTRAVLThis practical switch box is a great solution for making the most of the audio capabilities of your iTRAVL and lets you conveniently connect and switch between both speaker and headphones.
White ear/mic phones for iTRAVLWhite ear/mic phones for iTRAVLThese slim and discreet ear-buds with in-line microphone easily slip on and off and their super-light weight keeps them comfortable even when using your iTRAVL all day long.
LCD Protecting Film. For NTL-2LCD Protecting Film. For NTL-2Keep your iTRAVL looking like new with this protective film for your device’s sensitive LCD screen. Prevent the scratches that come with frequent use and contact with keys, coins and sunglasses.
Microphone/Earphone set for NTL-2Microphone/Earphone set for NTL-2This headset improves the accuracy of iTRAVL speech recognition and lets you interact with the Language Teacher application when learning or practicing.
USB cableUSB cableTransfer data quickly and easily between your PC and iTRAVL or Partner P900 with this dedicated USB cable.
Strap for NTL-2Strap for NTL-2Keep your iTRAVL on this handy strap so that you will always have it within easy reach and avoid leaving it behind in a taxi or at a restaurant.
Extra Slylus for NTL-2Extra Slylus for NTL-2Replaces a lost stylus so you don’t need to risk damaging the sensitive iTRAVL LCD with pens, pencils or other non-standard pointing devices.
iTravl NTL SD CardsiTravl NTL SD CardsInstantly increase the linguistic capacity of your iTRAVL with an SD card! These removable cards store the full contents of the bi-directional language you choose, and can be used with any iTRAVL NTL Series Talking Electronic Translator Dictionary. These fantastic cards instantly boost your handheld's functionality and versatility, and can act as its primary or secondary component in iTRAVL Translators.

• These cards are compatible with all iTRAVL NTL Series Talking Electronic Translator Dictionaries!

Single language: $59.95 - $69.95 Each!
Multi language: $199.95 - $499.95!

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Voice recognition Electronic Foreign Language Translator including English to French Translator, English German Translator, and
English to Spanish Translator.  Handheld Electronic Translator can speak both English and foreign language.

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