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LUX2 Accessories
LUX Accessory PackLUX Accessory Pack

Great additions for any traveler or language learning enthusiast. The accessory pack includes:

  • World Travel Adapter- Charge your device through any outlet with this converter.
  • Mini HDMI Cable- Connect your device to your TV or any other external monitor with this HDMI Cable
  • CD with Ectaco Dictionaries - Enjoy learning with this free CD for your PC
  • Storage Pouch- Protect your new LUX 2 with this lightweight, durable, and portable case
  • Car Charger- Recharge your device while driving with the USB Car Charger
C-Pen ScannerC-Pen ScannerThe C-Pen scanner is an amazingly convenient handheld data entry tool for use with the LUX2, 900, 850 and NTL series Translators. Letting you capture the text you need, just scan the pen over your favorite book, restaurant menu, newspaper, or anything else you can think of and the text will automatically be uploaded on to the device and translated to your language choice.
LUX Battery PackLUX Battery PackThis ultra-thin rechargeable 3.7 V, 3300 mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery is just the thing to keep your Partner LUX device up and running.
Use it as a supplementary power source and you will always be ready to go.
For use in all LUX series devices.
Car ChargerCar ChargerJust place this handy charger into your car's accessory plug to recharge your 850/900/iTRAVL/LUX series or jetBook while driving between destinations to always be ready for the next restaurant or shopping stop.
Pouch for LUXPouch for LUXProtect your Partner LUX with the super light and portable case specially designed for the LUX series.
Keeps the LUX looking brand new with a plush fiber interior and a harder shaped exterior to fit the form of the unit perfectly.
For use in all LUX series devices.

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