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ECTACO English to Spanish Talking Dictionary

ECTACO English to Spanish Talking Dictionary

ECTACO English to Spanish Talking Dictionary
This is the most popular of our bilingual Talking Dictionary for English and Spanish. Able to synthesize English and Spanish speech, it contains a database of over 1,000,000 words that include professional terms, phrases and everyday expressions and idioms. Loaded with scores of useful extras to help you along, the Dictionary also includes a phrasebook containing more than 1,000 phrases along with a Russian to Spanish Dictionary. This ultra-smart handheld Dictionary will come to your aid in many commonly encountered situations and environments.

Advanced Bilingual Communication

Powerful and sophisticated, this Dictionary is particularly suited to those who communicate in a foreign language regularly, and a valuable tool to help you attain fluency.

• Advanced English and Spanish voice synthesis delivers the pronunciation of any text, not only Dictionary entries
• Transcription for English words is given in all Dictionaries
• Highly efficient full-text translation with Lingvobit translation system
• You can create your own customized editable Dictionary which automatically links to the main Dictionary
• Additional Russian to Spanish bidirectional Dictionary is included
• Extensive voice phrasebook with 1,100 phrases grouped into nine topics for easy navigation. It will act as your interpreter in a variety of standard situations such as shopping, banking, registering at a hotel, etc.
• MorphoFinder™ function helps you find Dictionary entries for English and Spanish past participles, gerunds, noun plural forms, and adjective forms
• English and Spanish speech recognition is limited to phrasebook entries
• The Accent Correction function will coach you and help you improve your pronunciation
• TOEFL guide with exercises and sample tests is an important tool for English language students
• Learner’s cards make memorization tasks easy and quickly increase your vocabulary

Superb Organizing System

• High resolution sensory screen is easy on your eyes
• Multifunctional talking organizer corresponding to highest industry standards
• AC adapter and PC-exchange options; purchased separately
• Shorthand functions for taking notes momentarily

In addition to the electronic Dictionary itself, included are a stylus, four replaceable batteries, a carrying and storage case, an extra CD with supplementary software applications and the user’s manual.

• Category: Talking Dictionary
• Language pair: From English to Spanish or from Spanish to English
• Brand: ECTACO
• Number of words: 1,000,000
• Size: 6.6 x 3.9 x 0.9 in
• Weight: 11 oz
• Battery Type: 4 x AAA batteries, included
• PC connection: Yes
Advanced search Offers entries for translation as characters are entered into the input line.
Instant reverse translation Back translation helps to establish a better understanding of the given translation choices.
Spell-checker The Vector Ultima spell-checker makes spelling suggestions for misspelled words.
New word recording The option to add your own records to the user's dictionary.
Full sentence translation Full-Sentence Translation is an invaluable tool for use when working with bodies of text. Able to translate sentences, paragraphs, and even long documents in seconds, it is highly efficient and accurate, saves time and energy, and provides reliable output every time.
Accent correction function Accent Correction offers help in perfecting your pronunciation. Through the use of its listening and speaking exercises you are able to match your pronunciation to that of a native speaker?s and the program will recognize, evaluate and rate your articulation.
Users dictionary Users can create and save unique and personal ┬┤Users dictionaries┬┤, incorporating the new entries they wish to have accessible.
Voice Output English, Spanish
Speech recognition English, Spanish
TOEFL A practical preparation guide for the standardized Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
Engineer calculator Calculator for performing arithmetic, complex mathematical and trigonometric computations.
Currency conversion Instant conversion and cross-rates computing.
Metric conversion Converts British-American system measurements into the metric system and vise versa, also converts measurement units within each system.
Display Touchscreen 8 lines/graph
PC connection The option to establish a connection for data exchange between the handheld and a PC.
Headphone jack Availability of a headphone jack.
AC adapter jack Availability of an external power supply jack.
Slim case Slim case for safe storage and carrying.

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