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English to Spanish Translator

Get Your Electronic English to Spanish Translator Today!

Communicate with ease using an amazing, voice recognition, Electronic English to Spanish Translator dictionary.  The handheld portable English to Spanish Translator is small and compact so you can bring the Translator anywhere with you.  Don’t feel lost again when you travel.  The Spanish to English Translator Dictionary can help you in many different ways:  

  • International travel
  • Business
  • School work
  • Learn the Spanish language
English to Spanish Talking TranslatorEnglish to Spanish Talking TranslatorEnglish to Spanish Talking Translator features an innovative and robust hardware platform with a powerful CPU, the clear and 180-degree rotating screen allows for extreme flexibility of use (instant conversion of a keyboard-based device into slim tablet), hi-resolution camera with Photo Translator program, and a micro-HDMI port for connection to your TV and other devices.
ECTACO iTRAVL English to Spanish Translator DictionaryECTACO iTRAVL English to Spanish Translator DictionaryLoaded with a full range of the most useful communication tools. By simply speaking into the iTRAVL English to Spanish Translator, you can have your phrases instantly translated and spoken aloud using a sophisticated combination of speech recognition modules, real human voice narration and speech synthesis.
English to Spanish Talking Translator DictionaryEnglish to Spanish Talking Translator DictionaryDelivering flawless voiced output of all the words in its enormous database with True Voice human pronunciation, the Talking Spanish to English Translator offers a unique chance to improve your pronunciation by hearing how a native speaker says a word or phrase.
ECTACO English to Spanish Talking DictionaryECTACO English to Spanish Talking DictionaryThis is the most popular of our bilingual Dictionary for English and Spanish. Able to synthesize English and Spanish speech, it contains a database of over 1,000,000 words that include professional terms, phrases and everyday expressions and idioms.
English to Spanish Translator DictionaryEnglish to Spanish Translator DictionaryES500T English to Spanish Translator Dictionary is a great language resource for those on a budget. Looking up a word in any language is effortless, just type it in and you can see the translation right on the large LCD screen.

Spanish to English Translator Makes a Great Gift Idea!

The Spanish to English Translator dictionary also makes a Great Gift Idea for your International traveler, college or high school student, friend or employee.  It is small enough to fit in your pocket so you can bring it anywhere.  Get your English to Spanish Translator today!

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Voice recognition Electronic Foreign Language Translator including English to French Translator, English German Translator, and
English to Spanish Translator.  Handheld Electronic Translator can speak both English and foreign language.

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