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Welcome to Our Testimonials and Reviews Page!

Please find below testimonials on our products as seen by customers, users and independent third-party reviewers.  It is our mission to promote and facilitate education of different languages so everyone can communicate with each other.  We built this web site to provide you with quality Translator products, and we strive to offer the best combination of quality, detail, value, uniqueness, and function.  We make every effort to deliver the best customer service and the best Translator products available. 

We welcome your comments.  Please let us know how you liked your Translator via the contact form.


While most Finns in the big towns speak English, I found the phrasebook really helpful when travelling to some of the smaller ski resorts and the dictionary was great for figuring out signs.  Probably the most impressive was how easy it was to use and all the extra features were handy too.

Robert Berkeley, Leeds

Wow! I was a bit afraid that I wouldn't be able to manage all the stuff this translator came with but it made my trip [to Germany] super simple and lots of fun too! I just bought the Russian phrasebook Memory card for my next trip and can't wait to put it in! Thanks for making my trip so great!

Natalie Ortas, Madrid

A truly wonderful and speedy device, a great English/Italian dictionary! I recommend it.

Marsha S. NYC

The dictionary sounded cool from the web description, but when I got it, I didn't think it was worth the money. I recommend it, but only if you can get it on sale!

A Spanish-speaking American, trying to learn French

It is an easy, quick, English-Spanish dictionary with several useful tools and features.

Sasha P., an attorney, Washington DC

I thank you, learning English has gotten easier. I am no longer afraid of going out, to the streets. Your translator has given me confidence.

Kerry Chin

Maybe the only game in town for handheld English-Serbian dictionaries that pronounce English words!


Overall I found this very useful; the voice feature, while mechanical sounding, shows where to put stress on syllables and demonstrates the sounds produced from combining different vowels. Thanks to that I am speaking and understanding Spanish better. Also it has a huge dictionary, so the majority of the words that I look up are available. Also it has a slang option you can turn on or off if this is for your kids.

Sarah Nelson

I actually went to Germany and this little translator did the trick! It was great to be able to communicate with so many people with just the press of a button! It has so many features, including the actual sound of the words. If you're a traveler or even a student of German, this is something you HAVE to have!!!

Meg Patterson, Minnesota

I am in a French class in college and it was a struggle for me to keep up in class. I got this translator to help. It is small, fits on my books in class without blocking anything, and is one of the single most helpful dictionaries I have ever found. It "thinks ahead" when I am typing and presents complete words so it saves time.


Frankly speaking, it's simply an easy, quick, English-Spanish dictionary with several useful tools and features. I'm an attorney, and this ECTACO machine helps me be the well-rounded professional that I am.

Jerry Chong

I highly recommend the device to those going abroad. I did a semester of school in Spain, and the SpeechGuard really helped me get through the adjustment period there.

Amy Chapel, VA, USA.

I met my wife over the internet. Writing emails back and forth was easy enough, but when it came to the first visit to Russia, I brought along my ER800, and it helped to make our relationship happen, Thanx! :)


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